Little girl with a huge cyst in her head

KUTCH, GUJARAT, INDIA – SEPTEMBER, 2016 Nita Juggi, 12 years old, was suffering from tremendous headaches and recently even started experiencing paralysis on the right side of her body. She couldn’t even eat on her own.

Nita Juggi

Nita Juggi

Her parents tried to get medical help, but none of the doctors they visited were sufficiently educated in neurology. Finally, they came across Dr. Chirag Solanki, who performed an MRI on the girl and made a horrifying finding – there was a giant cyst in the girl’s skull.

The cyst was said to have been growing for 8-10 years. It weighed a whopping 675 grams. If it had burst, the girl would have died instantly. But the cyst was successfully removed by surgery.

Nita’s parents admitted that they lived in a poor hygienic environment and did not even practice hygiene. The girl contracted the tapeworm that caused the cyst.


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