Living torso

MONTANA, USA, 2019 Loren Schauers, a 20-year-old construction worker, was crushed by a forklift while on the job. Doctors had to resort to performing an emergency hemicorporectomy in an attempt to save his life. They removed his entire body from the waist down. They also amputated one of his arms. His life was saved, but Loren now looks like a living torso.

Loran is a very strong personality, and despite his terrible limitations, he has faced life head on. He revealed that his relationship with his wife of 23 years, Sabia, has improved significantly after the accident. Both said they were upset by questions from the public about their sex lives.

His wife now has to take care of him in absolutely every way. She showers him, changes his special poop bags, and dresses him.

People with a similar disability usually have a limited life expectancy and only live for another 11 years on average. But doctors believe Loren is a special case and their estimates for life expectancy are as high as 40 years.

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