Murder of Valentina Trespalacios

BOGOTA, COLOMBIA – JANUARY 22, 2023 Valentina Trespalacios was a 23-year-old DJ on the rise of her career. On the Internet, she met a man, John Poulos, a citizen of the United States of America, with whom she began a long-distance relationship. From the beginning, their relationship developed well. According to multiple sources, John was an attentive friend and even sent money to Valentina so that they could build a future outside of social media and her fame.

The more Valentina went to parties and the more famous she became, the more jealous her boyfriend became. His jealousy even went to the stage where he hired a private detective to uncover how Valentina was cheating on him. Unfortunately, a private detective confirmed this fact. Apart from him, Valentina also had a Colombian boyfriend with whom she enjoyed and went on trips to hotels in the Caribbean.

When John heard this news, he decided to go to Colombia and convict Valentina of infidelity. He rented a car after landing at Bogotá airport. The car rental employee testified that John told him he had a girlfriend in Colombia whom he had come to confront about her infidelity. But already at this moment he knew what he was going to do.

He promised Valentina that he had come to Colombia to settle permanently and set up a meeting with her at his newly rented apartment in Bogotá. There he dreamed he had sex several times, beat her and murdered her by strangulation, which was later confirmed by her autopsy.

John managed to fly out of Colombia, but was detained by the police at the airport in Panama, where he was transferring. He is now charged with murder. The whole case caused a mass wave of outrage in Colombia.

John Poulos

John Poulos detained



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