Son jumped from balcony in front of his father

VIETNAM – APRIL 1, 2022 The son forced the father to find his farewell letter and began to read it. He then jumped down from the balcony in front of him.

Goodbye letter

The goodbye letter

I’m very sorry for the stubbom actions I did or will do. In fact, life is too tired, It is not the thought that comes out of anger, but that I have thought about it for a long time just a pity. Sorry for the careless thoughts like that will not be lucky and also sorry for the friends, the games that have been abandoned for a long time, there are so many songs that have not been heard yet. Not necessarily my life is miserable, maybe just too negative, but the outcome is the same. This is probably no one’s fault but my child, explain it quickly…

Condilences to Tu because he will bear more of his temperament, he is very carying but always doing wrong, always overreacting and gradually you don’t see the benefit of sharing when your opinion is not really important. Hi dad someone who is easy-tempered, less interested, less involved but always wants to have an understanding look when… That’s it, not leaving the lump, not good at all but these must be the last lines. Good bye. 1/4 always, life is like a joke.

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