Two teen girls killed in traffic accident

MANAUS, BRAZIL – APRIL 6, 2024 There was a serious traffic accident in the Santo Agostinho district on Avenida Brasil. Two teenage girls, Maria Paula Marinho de Souza, 15, and Vitória Nathalia de Souza, 18, died in the accident.

Maria Paula Marinho de Souza & Vitória Nathalia de Souza

Maria & Vitória

According to all reports, the group was returning home from a party. The driver, identified as Adriano, was driving too fast and failed to control the steering, resulting in him crashing into a tree. The other occupants of the car were left wedged inside and seriously injured but they managed to survive. They were identified as Ana Alice Maciel, 18, Ana Beatriz Marinho da Silva, 20, and Tiago Lacerda de Freitas, 20.

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