Young girl was dragged behind the car for 4 kilometers

NEW DELHI, INDIA – JANUARY 1, 2023 20-year-old Anjali Singh was riding her scooter home but collided with a car that caught her and dragged her for 4 kilometers (some sources state up to 13 kilometers). She had no chance to survive, the asphalt cut her body to the bone.

Anjali Singh

Anjali Singh

Anjali worked as a make-up artist and was very active on the social network Instagram, where she often posted videos of herself singing to the rhythm of well-known Bollywood movie songs. She lived in a small house together with her family and at the same time was the sole breadwinner of the whole family.

CCTV Footage


//ADD INTO POST – NOVEMBER 21, 2023: Thanks to “Necrokant” for providing the video and two more photos.

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