Two women were found murdered

FORTALEZA, BRAZIL – OCTOBER 29, 2021 The two women were caught by locals shortly after they carried out a series of robberies in the region. Videos of their caught began circulating on social networks. A few days later, however, photos appeared on social networks showing both of them murdered with a bullet to the head in a wooded area. The perpetrator is unknown and has never been caught. But the drug cartel is probably responsible.

The women were identified as Ana Júlia Yohara Santos Melo and Luíza Alexandrino. They were forced to give their names and whereabouts on video when they were detained. They also said that they are innocent and have nothing to do with the thefts. Luíza tries to defend her innocence by claiming that she works as a prostitute.


Video 1 - Ana Luíza Alexandrino

Video 2 - Ana Júlia Yohara Santos Melo
Video 3 - The women together
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