Ukrainian soldier castrated alive

UKRAINE – JULY, 2022 A brutal video shows the castration and subsequent execution of a Ukrainian soldier by Russian troops. One soldier took an opening knife, cut off the penis of a tied Ukrainian prisoner while he was fully conscious and threw it at his head.

Video 1 - Castration
Video 2 - Execution

The video was originally uploaded to Twitter by Ukrainian MP Inna Sovsun. However, within minutes, Twitter blocked her account. Fortunately, the video continues to spread on the Internet. It is important for the public to see what the Russians are up to in Ukraine.

Independent investigators have established the probable identity of the man who committed this crime against humanity. He is Vitaly Valerievich Aroshinov. Thanks to clever hackers, his detailed information was published:

Full name: Vitaly Valerievich Aroshinov
Date of birth: February 21, 1983
Phone numbers: 79169261270, 79779710839, 79688136227
Passport number: 8514499211
TIN: 081408919308
SNILS: 12247005916
Address: Russia, Rep. Kalmykia, Elista, md. 4th, 48, apt. 16

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