When Pleasure Outweighed Self-Preservation

Dead 30 yr. old man, found inside his house about 2 hours after death, as a result of autoerotic asphyxiation. Was using a backpack with 4 sport’s weights in it, as a counterweight for the belt noosed around his neck. The only item of clothing on him was a female pink rimmed sport’s hat on his head.

The bag with weights in it must have been resting on the long aerobic roller that was put against the wall in the vertical up position. While he was sitting down on his legs, slightly leaning back, with a noosed belt around his neck and masturbating.

Once he likely got very aroused and could not wait anymore from going further, he pushed the roller away. Letting the heavy bag to drop down and strangling him by pulling hard on the belt, tied by thick audio cable to the bag and filipped over a large hook in the wall above.

Under this sudden and intensive arousal effect he must have lost all sense of caution, continuing to masturbate. But very soon passing out from the low blood flow to the brain and getting strangled while being passed out.

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