Whole family with bullet in their heads

CARACAS, VENEZUELA – NOVEMBER 14, 2017 The police center received a call informing them that a murder had apparently occurred in the Las Mercedes neighborhood. When the patrol arrived at the scene, they found three dead bodies in the apartment with their heads shot through. It was a family – a father, a mother and a young daughter.

The murdered man’s mother, Mirna Coromoto Muñoz de Martinez, appeared at the scene and helped identify the victims: 39-year-old Amaris Desiree Martinez Muñoz, 37-year-old Leonardo Enrique Brandt, and 6-year-old Amalia Sofia Brandt Martinez. She then had a mental breakdown.

Amaris Desiree Martinez Muñoz

Amaris Desiree Martinez Muñoz & her daughter

The motive for the murder, as well as the perpetrator, remained unknown. But police confirmed that the family’s murders appear to be related to drug trafficking.

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