Woman attacked and buried alive by bear

TYNDA, AMUR REGION, RUSSIA – MAY, 2015 Natalya Pasternak, a 55-year-old mother of two, went into the woods with her boyfriend. They were collecting bark for kindling. Out of nowhere, an aggressive bear attacked the couple. He targeted the woman in particular. Her boyfriend tried to chase the bear away, but to no avail. He left Natalya alone with the bear and ran for help.

When he and his help returned to the scene, he assumed Natalya was already dead. But the bear buried her, badly injured, under a pile of leaves. Bears do this to store food for the future. As rescuers were loading Natalya onto a stretcher, the bear reappeared and tried to attack them as well. Unfortunately, the bear had to be shot. She spent some time in the hospital fighting for her life and recovering from the shock. Her fight was successfully won.


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