Woman beat arab man to death

SAUDI ARABIA A migrant woman from Kenya who was working in Saudi Arabia beat a Saudi man to death after she lost her temper at the disrespect he was treating her with. It is a fact that a lot of cheap African labor flows into Saudi Arabia and they are forced to work there in inhumane conditions. Women are sometimes forced by employers to have sex.


You think you’re a man?”

Beat his face until it’s swollen.”

Don’t ever play with us Kenyans.”

I told you we should kill him and leave him outside.”

…we shouldn’t release him. We should kill him…”

We’ve taught him some manners. He’ll never do it again.”

…they (the man and his cohort) take your phone, beat you, steal from you…”

… they (the man and his cohort) even fuck you in the ass…”

We’ve been fucked here in Saudia (Saudi Arabia) and we’re tired of it.” (Alluding to the atrocities that African women are subjected to by the Saudi men)

I have even been fucked by the police because of girls.” (The woman saying this probably means that she’s had to accept sex as payment for releasing some of her girlfriends who were in trouble with the police.)

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