MIX: Focused on dead asses

BRAZIL A small collection of two dead girls whose cameraman focused primarily on filming their asses. Both girls have in common that they are Brazilian and were murdered in connection with the drug trade. Upon closer examination you will find that one girl is not quite a girl, but we have no plans to create a transgender category, lol. We decided to put the videos in a collection because we don’t have more information about any of them. If you do, let us know using the button below.

Ass no. 1
Ass no. 2
Do you have more informations?
Do you have more photos or videos?
Can you provide us (better) translation?

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4.1 /5
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 Date: 26/10/2022  Views: 23516  Comments: 3  Votes: 19

 Category: Drug cartels, Murders, Other

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