Woman butchered by her husband

CISONTROL VILLAGE DISTRICT, WEST JAVA, INDONESIA – MAY 3, 2024 A 40-year-old man named Tasmin mutilated and murdered his 41-year-old wife Yanti in a particularly brutal manner. He cut her corpse into pieces and cut off parts of her flesh. He then went to the front of the house and tried to sell the meat to the villagers, “buy Yanti’s meat”, he shouted.

Disgusted villagers called the police, who immediately arrested the man. He will be subjected to a psychiatric examination as he shows signs of a mental disorder. In her cell, she prays for a while, cries for a while and is aggressive for a while.

Video 1 - Tasmin offers pieces of his wife to neighbors
Video 2 - Butchered Yanti
Video 3 - Arrest
Video 4 - Tasmin in detention cell
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