Student slashed his teacher and took selfie with his corpse

MOSCOW, RUSSIA – NOVEMBER 2, 2017 Andrei Emelyanikov, an 18-year-old student, became obsessed with an internet game inspired by Silent Hill 4: The Room. Some sources say it was the infamous Blue Whale game. According to their rules, he had commit murder in real life. He chose as a victim his 44-year-old teacher Sergei Danilov.

He waited for the right opportunity and slit his teacher’s throat in the classroom. Then he proudly took a picture with its corpse. Probably so he could send the photo to the game as proof that he really did commit the murder.

After that, Emelyanikov took his own life in a rather cruel way. He put his throat to the circular saw. Ending one’s own life is also supposedly in the rules of the game.

Andrei Emelyanikov

Andrei Emelyanikov

Sergei Danilov was a former army officer and father of three. All the students described him as the best and nicest teacher in the school. His death caused a lot of grief and tears.


//ADD INTO POST – APRIL 4, 2024: Thanks to unregistered user for adding two photos of Adrei’s corpse.

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