Woman interrogated, tortured and beheaded in front of her husband and friend

GROZNY, CHECHEN, RUSSIA – OCTOBER, 2001 32-year-old Tatiana Usmanova was abducted from their home together with her husband and a friend by pro-Chechen militants who were fighting for Chechnya’s independence from Russia at the time. According to available information, Tatiana was supposed to have cooperated with state agencies, especially the police.

All the gunmen except the cameraman were really young (around 18 years old). The footage did not become public until 2004. By then, most of the attackers were either convicted or dead.

Tatiana was tortured, interrogated and beheaded in front of her husband and friend. Her husband was the only survivor.

The names of the attackers were also published on some Internet sources:
Cameraman – Khamzat Tazabaev, nicknamed ‘Tarik’, born 1974
The man who made the first incision on Tatiana’s neck – Arbi Khaskhanov, nicknamed ‘Little Arbi’, born 1983
Another man who cut throats – Adlan Barayev
The man who cut off Tatiana’s head – Ilyas Dashaev, born 1982

Ilyas was the only person convicted of this crime in 2007. He told the police that they finally got rid of the bodies by throwing them into the river.

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