21-year-old girl got smothered in a hotel room

JULIACA, PERU – SEPTEMBER, 2020 A 28-year-old man, Eddy Calla Cayo, and a 21-year-old woman, Ruth Mary Yanapa Lipa, stayed in a hotel room. The next morning, the man came to the reception alone and told the receptionist that the girl was still sleeping and would leave later. He paid for the hotel and left. A few hours later, the receptionist went to kick the girl out of the room. But no one answered the knock on the door. He opened the door with an inspection key and found her dead there. He called the police.

When police specialists uncovered her duvet, they found that the girl had probably been strangled. Her body also bore several small scrapes and bruises. Her pants were pulled down to her knees and she was only in her underwear. Her sphincters were loosened and she was wet and stained.

Strangled girl

Her dead body

When police launched a search for the man, it was discovered that he had used a fake ID to book the room. But unfortunately for him, footage of his face captured by the hotel’s CCTV was preserved.

It was established that the girl had known the man for some time (about 5 months). They used to work together in her hometown. Then the man offered the girl a job elsewhere and she left with him.

Murder hotel

The hotel where the act took place

During their relationship, they had regular sex. Later, however, the girl found out that the man had a wife and a son. Since then she refused to have sex with him. This was the topic of the argument in the hotel room. The man lost control and strangled the girl. He told the police that he never intended to kill the girl, but it happened by accident. At first he thought she was just unconscious.

Eddy Calla Cayo

Eddy Calla Cayo

He also admitted that he wanted to have sex with the girl after her death. He unzipped her pants, but he had no idea what was waiting for him there. Urine and feces put him off sex.

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