Decomposing body of Vietnamese girl found in suitcase

VŨNG TÀU, VIETNAM – MAY 23, 2024 A strange suitcase was found in a deserted area of Vũng Tàu, on Mount Nho. It was crawling with worms and insects and smelled strongly. Inside, the body of a young woman was found in an advanced state of decomposition.

The deceased was identified as a 21-year-old woman. However, her name has not been made public. Shortly afterwards, two young men were arrested: 25-year-old Vũ Thành Huy and his 20-year-old friend Võ Thành Long.

Further investigation revealed that the murdered girl and Long were friends. He persuaded her to come to Vũng Tàu to see him. They went to a hotel together where they probably had consensual sex. At the hotel, however, Long discovered that the girl had a lot of valuables, jewellery and an expensive iPhone 12 Pro Max mobile phone. He decided to kill and rob her.

He strangled the poor girl to death with his own hands in hotel room. He then called his friend Huy to the scene to help him dispose of her body in exchange for the financial benefit of selling their personal belongings. He agreed. Together, they stuffed her body into a suitcase, carried it out of the hotel and threw it off the cliff.

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