Execution of young and pretty Brasilian woman

MARITUBA, BRAZIL – OCTOBER 12, 2020 14-year-old Caylane Cristina Cavalcante was kidnapped and executed by a local criminal organization. Her 17-year-old boyfriend ended up just like her. Caylane had been missing since October 10, 2020. Her body was found two days later.

The police managed to catch the perpetrator just 5 days after the execution. They were Marcos, AKA “Belemzão” and Danilo. Both of them were shot dead during a shootout they started when the police came to arrest them.

Marcos & Danilo

Marcos & Danilo

//ADD INTO POST – DECEMBER 13, 2023: Thanks to “YourMom” for adding the victim’s name and photos.
//ADD INTO POST – MARCH 1, 2024: Thanks to an unregistered user for providing the photo and names of the executioners.

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