Man kills two people in front of child

PANIQUI, TARLAC, PHILIPPINES – DECEMBER 20, 2020 A man working as a police officer, Chief Sergeant Jonel Nuezca shot two people in cold blood at close range with his 9mm service pistol. The victims were 52 year old Sonya Gregorio and her 25 year old son Anthony Gregorio. He shot them both in front of his young daughter.

The reason for the incident was believed to be a long-standing property dispute. However, the man’s aggression should have been prompted by the fact that Anthony had started taunting his daughter.

The double murder was captured on video, which went viral on social media at the time and sparked a debate about police brutality and human rights violations.

After the murder, Nuezca fled away, but was eventually forced to turn himself in at the police station. He was arrested and found guilty of murder. A special team took over the investigation because of the public outrage and had to assure the public that the case would not be swept under the carpet.

On November 30, 2021, Nuezca died of a heart attack while walking in New Bilibid Prison at the age of 47. He never pleaded guilty in court and remained indebted to the victims’ family for over PHP 950,000 (equivalent to US$17,000).


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