Mexican cartel member uses severed face as a mask

MEXICO Drug cartel members having a good time. They cut off the face of the executed man and put it on his face as a mask.


Sicario #1: Take a a look at this. Isn’t it beautiful?

Sicario #2: Turn it around so that we can see behind it.

Sicario #3: You did a good job with the removal.

Sicario #2: Look here, this is where the nose was.

Sicario #3: And this is where his mouth was. Check out those scary lips.

Sicario #2: Ok, here it goes. Grab it by it’s ears. They were saying they don’t want cigarettes over there. Grab it by the ears.

Sicario #3: I’ll put that mask on you if I fucking have to bro.

Sicario #4: Wow, papi you’re going to look beautiful with it on. Woman are going to be all over you after this.

Sicario #3: Are you ready? Go ahead and close your mouth dog. He’s ready for those Halloween festivities you sons of bitches.

Sicario #2: This is so that you sons of bitches lose all fear. Make sure you wash your face after this.

Sicario #5: What about me boss, aren’t you going to place it over my face as well?

Sicario #2: Do you really want me placing it over your face then?

Sicario #5: Well, of course.

Sicario #3: This face mask doesn’t need to be grabbed by it’s ears.

Sicario #4: Let him put this one on.

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