Missing woman’s corpse found in sugar cane field

SERTÃOZINHO DISTRICT, BRAZIL – JULY 3, 2017 The 50 year old secretary, Nádie de Oliveira, from Ribeirão Preto (SP), has been reported missing by her family for 10 days. It was only after these 10 days that her corpse was found in a sugar cane field between the municipalities of Jardinópolis and Cruz das Posses in the district of Sertãozinho (SP).

Nádie de Oliveira

Nádie de Oliveira

Her ex-husband, André Luize Pinho Caetano, confessed to the murder. He tried to overdose after the crime but failed. When he woke up from his artificial sleep in the hospital, it was he who gave the police clues to the whereabouts of her dead body.

TV report shows her dead body
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