Murder of wealthy businessman and his gold-digging girlfriend

PUNTA BLANCA, ECUADOR – APRIL, 2023 Rubén Cherres was a wealthy Ecuadorian businessman who was involved in the drug trade. In January 2023, an arrest warrant was issued for him, which even included Danilo Carrera, who is the brother of the president of Ecuador.

Rubén Cherres

Rubén Cherres

Rubén Cherres was forced to hide. In front of the police, and in front of rival factions who wanted to take advantage of the situation and get rid of him. He found shelter in Punta Blanca, where he took a guard and his 30-year-old girlfriend Joseline Rivadeneira with him.

Joseline Rivadeneira

Joseline Rivadeneira

His girlfriend was making videos on the social network TikTok, which members of the rival faction also took advantage of and watched her videos. Based on their TikTok videos, they managed to locate the location of their hideout and sent an assassin there. He murdered all three people. Their bodies were found bound with signs of torture.


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