Murdered 18-year-old prostitute

MANAUS, BRAZIL – FEBRUARY 2, 2020 The dead body of a scantily clad young girl was found on a street in a residential area of Manaus on Waldemar Maués Jardim Street, in the Colônia Japonesa complex. Someone had murdered her with eight shots to the head. Several people heard gunshots, but no one witnessed the crime.

The victim was identified as 18-year-old Ana Beatriz Vieira Lacerda, who was also known by the nicknames “Bia Viera” and “Delta” (mainly on social media, where she was very active). Ana was no saint. She made her living as a prostitute, was close to drugs, and on the night she was murdered, she had just returned from a party at Remulo’s Beer nightclub.

The police were working with the theory that her murder was drug-related. There’s a good chance she was also raped. Her panties were missing and her nipple was cut off.

According to all available information, she was a good friends with Fernanda Caroline Chaves Pinho.


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