Mysterious murder of Natacha Jaitt

BENAVÍDEZ, ARGENTINA – FEBRUARY 23, 2019 Natacha Jaitt was an Argentinian actress, erotic model and presenter. Several cases are associated with her name. She allegedly blackmailed sports journalist and former soccer player Diego Latorre for $350,000 not to tell his wife that Diego had sex with other women, including herself. She was also involved in a huge affair involving the abuse of minors. And in 2019, she accused famous directors Pablo Yotich and Maximiliano Giusto of drugging and raping her.

Maybe one of these cases has something to do with her death. In 2019, Natacha posted a tweet on her private Twitter account that said: “NOTICE: I am not going to kill myself, I am not going to overdose on coke and drown in a bath tub, I am not going to shoot myself in the head, so if that happens, NO I DIDN’T DO IT. Save this tweet.”

On February 23, 2019, she was found dead naked in her bed in a suburb of Buenos Aires. Initial police reports stated that no violence had been used against her and that she had died of her own fault. However, it was later proven that Natacha was murdered. But her killer was never caught.



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