Woman shot dead by stray bullet

ITABUNA, BRAZIL – SEPTEMBER 24, 2017 Ariana Oliveira Santos, 32, celebrated the victory of her favourite football club with her friends in a bar. Suddenly, a silver car appeared out of nowhere, with criminals shooting all around. According to witnesses, they didn’t have a specific target, but were just having fun shooting. Ariana was hit in the chest. She fought for her life while still on the way to the hospital, but died there. Besides her, 4 other people were shot, but they survived. 23 year old Vinicius dos Santos – shot in the back of the head, 22 year old Lucas Barbosa da Silva – shot in the eye, Cristiane dos Santos Pereira – shot in the head, 38 year old Giovanni Freire Leo – shot in the leg. One time a car crashed into a tree due to gunfire. The driver was not injured.

Ariana Oliveira Santos

Ariana Oliveira Santos

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