Young model was found at home with gunshot wound to head

PRESIDENTE FRANCO, PARAGUAY – NOVEMBER 10, 2016 24-year-old Blanca Colmán, who made a living as a model, was found with several gunshot wounds to the head at her home. Nothing was stolen from her home, giving police an indication that it was not a robbery.

Blanca Colmán

The incident took place around 4 am. Her arrival is even recorded on the security cameras in front of the house. Neighbors said they were disturbed by loud shouting and gunshots. They didn’t hesitate and went to her apartment. However, the perpetrator was no longer there. Blanca was lying on the floor covered in blood with two gunshot wounds in the back and one in the head.

The first suspect was her boyfriend’s son. However, he stated that he was at home and asleep at the time of the crime because he had smoked too much marijuana. He also had a good alibi.

The second suspect was the woman’s ex-boyfriend, who had caused trouble in the past and had several criminal records. However, his guilt was also not proven.

Through the investigation, the police came to the conclusion that a drug gang was responsible for the murder. Blanca witnessed a shootout between two gangs while she was dancing in a nightclub. Text messages were found on her phone warning her to keep quiet in front of the police and not give them a description of the shooter. She really kept quiet and didn’t cooperate with the police. However, the gang wanted to be sure.


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