18-year-old lesbian stabbed to death by her girlfriend

COTUÍ, DOMINICAN REPUBLIC – MARCH 27, 2024 The corpse of a girl was found near a farm in the town of Cotuí, Sánchez Ramírez province, with signs of violence. She has been identified as 18-year-old Yennely Andreina Hilario Sosa.

Investigators found that the girl was homosexually oriented and had been in a relationship with 21 year old Ammy Hiraldo Peña. She immediately confessed to the murder without denial. Her motive is said to have been an argument between them.

During questioning, Ammy testified that she had planned the murder thoroughly. She lured her to a deserted location near a farm where she planned to poison her with ammonia. But Yennely noticed this, so she proceeded to plan B. She grabbed a knife and stabbed her to death.

Yennely's father at her funeral

This happened in Cotuí (municipality). It is not known how this happened, it is a death for money [like a hit]. They stabbed her in the neck, in the chest, even in the bottoms of her feet. She is my daughter, my own soul, and I am her daddy. I know well the justice system of this country and this province de Cotuí receives money and goods from the public, and justice is for sale. They studied [they are from the privileged class]. Judge! Investigator/Prosecutor! Lawyer! Step up and defend the death of a humble girl. You studied the art of debate. You have children and families of your own. And this girl, they killed in one place and tossed her body in another! They stabbed her all the way to the bottoms of her feet! And still, nobody knows what happened. She had barely reached 18 years old. I am her father! (beats chest) I will see you face-to-face. Or in court. Or outside of court! I will stand up to your face for my daughter.



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