Cuban prostitute kidnapped and murdered by couple

MOSCOW, RUSSIA – MAY 22, 2020 Lauren Morales Fernandez, 22, of Cuban descent, has been living in Moscow for the past seven months, living in a dormitory and working as a prostitute. Due to her skin colour, she was quite successful in this trade in Moscow. Lots of curious Russians wanted to try what it was like to have sex with a black woman.

When 39-year-old Alexander Alexandrov invited her to his apartment, he had other plans for her. Together with his girlfriend, Anastasia Grivkova, 21, they tied up the prostitute and took a series of photos of her naked bound body. Using WhatsApp, they sent the photos to all of Lauren’s friends and colleagues and demanded a ransom of 30,000 rubles (the equivalent of $450). They threatened to chop her to pieces if they didn’t get paid.

Her friends first sent 10 thousand rubles and when the blackmail continued anyway, they went to the police. Criminals tracked her cell phone to a garbage dump where Lauren was found strangled in a plastic bag.

Alexander and Anastasia were both detained by police and brought to trial. They both denied guilt. Alexander was sentenced to 16 years in prison and Anastasia was sentenced to three.

Video 1 - Police house search
Video 2 - Court


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