Massacre at Thammasat University

BANGKOK, THAILAND – OCTOBER 6, 1976 is a date that is written in history as There was the largest bloodshed in Thai history. When government officials and many right-wing groups join forces to massacre students and citizens at Thammasat University in the heart of Bangkok It left at least 41 civilians dead and 145 wounded. But the most surprising thing is The creation of this bloody event Not a single murderer was arrested. On the other hand, the remaining 3,094 civilian students who survived the killings were all arrested that day. and although later The majority of those arrested will be released on bail. But in the end, there are still 27 people left to be held for prosecution, including 23 men and 4 women, until finally 19 people remain as defendants. Imprisoned and prosecuted for almost 2 years before being released. As for the murderer who was supposed to be the real accused, there was no mention of the government or those in power at any time. and then give it away Forget about it. as if to forget such a murder case Let’s not mention the villain in this case again.

It is true that underdeveloped countries such as Thailand There are many influence cases that the authorities do not dare to touch. and can’t catch the culprit But those influence cases are different from the October 6 cases because the crimes committed on October 6, 1976, were civil events that were revealed to the world. including many openly accused persons But these people, in addition to not being arrested under the law also has a good reputation as a protector of the nation, religion, monarch as well. The problem in this case is What is the influence behind the murderous gang that drives the perpetrators of this crime? And how serious was the murder victim student committed? To be punished so severely?

The clues of this atrocities were somehow resolved in themselves later that evening. When a group of soldiers on behalf of the National Administrative Reform Council Has committed a coup to seize power to abolish democratic rule Overthrow a government elected by parliamentary means and restore a right-wing dictatorship to rule the country instead. If the massacre on the morning of October 6th was a crime against righteous students, then The coup on the evening of October 6 was a crime against the nation. because it destroys the democratic rights of the people of the nation Obtained from the sacrifice of blood and the lives of heroes. This time coincides with the atrocity that took place on the same day. It will provide a clearer picture of the movement of the reactive powers that cooperate to commit crimes.

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