Murdered family of Indonesian businessman

KUTA ALAM, BANDA ACEH, INDONESIA – JANUARY 8, 2018 An entire family of Chinese origin was found dead in their home. They were all murdered in a particularly sadistic manner. The victims included 46 year old Tjie Sun (father), 40 year old Minarni (mother) and 8 year old Callietosng (son).

Tjie Sun was a snack merchant. He wasn’t a millionaire, but he wasn’t doing badly either. He rented three shops. He couldn’t be contacted for the last few days before the bodies were found. He didn’t even come in to check on his employees, as was his custom. When nervous neighbours smelled a foul odour coming from the house, they became suspicious and called the police to the scene.

The wife was found completely naked. It cannot be ruled out that the perpetrators had raped her. The motive is unknown. It could have been revenge or robbery.

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