Woman murdered by her lover

AGRESTINA, PERNAMBUCO, BRAZIL – NOVEMBER 30, 2013 Ex-convict, 35-year-old Luciano José da Silva had a secret love affair with 24-year-old Robianne Kelle Silva Souza behind her husband’s back. They went together to a village party where Robianne became the center of attention. Silva probably got jealous, loaded her on a motorbike and drove her to a remote farm. There he executed her with three shots from a .38 caliber revolver. Two shots hit her in the chest and one in her right arm.

Silva then tried to commit suicide. He put the gun to his ear and fired. But his hand jerked and he was only injured, not dead. The two were not found until the next morning. Robianne went straight to the morgue and Silva to the hospital in critical condition.

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