Woman accused of murdering councilman

SANTARÉM, PARÁ, BRAZIL – SEPTEMBER 25, 2023 In a shocking turn of events, the city of Santarém is mourning the loss of Councilor and businessman Aguinaldo Carvalho de Aguiar, known as Aguinaldo Promissória. The 46-year-old was found deceased in one of his residences, located on Avenida Anysio Chaves in the Aeroporto Velho neighborhood, early Monday morning. The cause of death is suspected to be a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head.

Authorities were alerted to the incident around 1 am. Upon arrival at the scene, police discovered Promissória’s lifeless body in his home, alongside his daughter and a woman identified as Isabela Ataíde. Ataíde, who claimed to be Promissória’s girlfriend, was taken into custody for questioning.

Disturbing footage circulating on social media shows Ataíde standing next to Promissória’s bloodied body, which lies on a bed. In the video, a man accuses Ataíde of being responsible for Promissória’s death, an allegation she vehemently denies. Ataíde, whose clothing was stained with blood, underwent examinations and provided a statement to police. The details of her statement have not been publicly disclosed.

The case has been classified as a suicide, but forensic investigations are underway to determine the exact circumstances surrounding Promissória’s demise. His body will undergo an autopsy to provide further clarity.

Delegate Fábio Amaral, in a statement to TV Tapajós, emphasized the need to gather all necessary evidence and expert opinions before proceeding with the investigation.

As the community grapples with this tragic loss, the Santarém City Council issued a note of condolence, expressing solidarity with Promissória’s family, friends, and loved ones. The council also announced the cancellation of all scheduled sessions for this week.

Aguinaldo Promissória, born in Santarém in 1977, was a distinguished figure in the city’s business community, with a notable presence in the Real Estate, Development, and Civil Construction sectors. He was elected as a councilor in 2020 and served his first term with dedication and commitment. During his time in office, he held the position of President of the 8th House Environment Committee.

Promissória’s untimely passing leaves a void in Santarém’s political and business landscape. His contributions to the city’s development will be deeply missed. As the investigation unfolds, the community awaits answers and hopes to find closure in the wake of this tragedy.




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